Impressions of Aconis 2000 PMS system

Recently, we had the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with this Korean-made Aconis 2000 Power Management System onboard a chemical tanker (whose name we shall not disclose to avoid any complication). Pros 1. Ease of Configuration - You do not need any configuration software to adjust any of its parameters. Everything that is available for configuration is available from the display unit. 2. Simple Design - There are not a whole suite of functions. But then again, this may perfectly suit some users who only need the normal functions of a PMS system: Auto synchronization, load sharing, generator protection, mains protection. 3. Straightforward User-Interface - There are no frills to the di

Beneath that comfortable ferry ...

As passengers, we expect the highest level of comfort possible when we board a ferry. Spotless decks, gleaming fittings, well-regulated temperature to keep the environment comfortable, well-lit cabins to create an inviting tone. Here, we take you a a short photo tour of what goes on - in the very room that powers the entire ferry. The unsung hero, the nameless brave - the one which labours to serve. This is the Engine room of a ferry boat that transports people between Batam and Singapore. A relatively small engine room. But its power belies its size. Technicians working onboard to tie up loose ends (figuratively) before the boat is delivered to the owner. Seen just above the technician's he

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