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An Unusual suspect - Problem with Rudder Indication

Sometime in Feb 2022, we were presented with a request to help resolve a rudder indication problem onboard.

Well, from the outset, it appeared like a run-of-the-mill problem. But as the investigation unfolded, it was everything but.

In fact, what directly caused the problem was a defective signal transducer. But what was more than meets the eye was what caused that new signal transducer to work for a couple of week, then failed.

Wasnt exactly a walk in the park for most. But there was nothing that was going to stop my colleague, Banyar. This guy is the Demolition Man. Smashes through every problem in sight.

The root cause of this problem was not going to flee scot-free from Banyar. After some hot relentless pursuit, we finally nailed the cause. Turned out that there were grounding issues on both ends of the rudder indication system. (Power supply and rudder signal). The grounding steadily, but surely, fried the signal transducer until it could function no more.

Another battle won, another problem dusted. We wish the vessel fair winds and following seas. Onboard electrician was a hardworking man. Good man.


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