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Main Engine automatic stop

Quite recently, we had a client who was confronted with an obstinate problem with their main engine. In spite of the the best efforts of the ship crew (and from their investigation reports, it was plain to see that they burned a whole lot of time on the problem), the problem persisted.

Crux of the issue was that the ME stopped with no apparent breach of the safety device monitoring, no mechanical issues... even after all the relevant sensors and monitoring equipment (PLC) were replaced.

Good news was that we eventually resolved the problem onboard. Turned out that one of the main engine oil pressure sensors was not responding properly, triggering (very sneakily) a shutdown alarm. This shutdown alarm then resulted a mini avalanche of other alarms, that snowballed into a major confusion.

But the stand-out of this service job was not the problem per se, neither was it the technicalities. What was outstanding was that we were able to make the best of the highly restrictive environment that we all live in, ever since the world-changing virus took control. One of our best engineers was unable to rejoin us in Singapore after he went home for a vacation. Not to be daunted, we did as much remote discussions as we could, did our background work, prepared our arsenal amply and took the bull by its horn came D-day. My equally best engineer (neck and neck with the engineer who was stuck in his home country) boarded the ship with me.

We talked, we went, we saw, we conquered. Talk about teamwork. That's teamwork.


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