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Beneath that comfortable ferry ...

As passengers, we expect the highest level of comfort possible when we board a ferry. Spotless decks, gleaming fittings, well-regulated temperature to keep the environment comfortable, well-lit cabins to create an inviting tone.

Here, we take you a a short photo tour of what goes on - in the very room that powers the entire ferry. The unsung hero, the nameless brave - the one which labours to serve.

This is the Engine room of a ferry boat that transports people between Batam and Singapore. A relatively small engine room. But its power belies its size.

Technicians working onboard to tie up loose ends (figuratively) before the boat is delivered to the owner. Seen just above the technician's head is a control panel for the auxiliary engine. This engine uses a Deep Sea Electronics DSE 7310 controller. This controller has a set of comprehensive display features, interface possibilities and user-friendly configuration software.

One of the 3 Caterpillar main engines - Inferring from the size of the engine, the boat is not that big. You are right, this is a short-haul passenger ferry. Caterpillar engines are known for their robust, rugged design. They continue to function well under very harsh (sub-optimal) conditions.

So here we go... a short photo tour of my favorite place of the vessel . The ventricle of the heart, the heart of the vessel.

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