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PMS Modernization in Myanmar

This landmark project started last year. As the title suggested, our task was to completely modernize the existing switchboard control system with DEIF's PPM3 control system and engine control ECU 100 for a few vessels. We had the privilege of working with DEIF Asia Pacific as our partner in this project. Our customer and end -user are very important customers for us in Myanmar.

As the axiom goes, pictures speak a thousand words. Quality products, quality installation., quality team, quality end-users. The reliability, robustness and well-designed systems were very well-received by the users and had been utilized to maximum effect ever since.

The pedigree of the outcome (end product) is plain for all to see. Equally remarkable , if not even more so, was the unsung work that went behind the project. Never in our professional exploits had we experienced such collegiate spirit, esprit de corps, forward thinking and in-depth technical expertise all rolled into 1 project team. Every stake holder in the project came together in every conceivable way to bring out the best in one another. Needless to say, fair winds and following seas have accompanied the project thus far. The project's well-being was always well in control.

It's been satisfaction of the highest measure to be part of this supremely assembled team, comprising Deif Asia Pacific, Power Absolut Myanmar and our customers in Myanmar.

Congratulations on the work of unmatched quality. Feather to your hats!

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