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Services We Provide 


Service is our core business. You are our core business. We may not be familiar with every marine system onboard a ship or



offshore structure. But we must be comprehensively trained and experienced in whatever we do for you. 




Find out below what Systems that our Engineers are trained on!                




Engine Room 
  • Power Management System 

  • Generator Control System 

  • Engine Control System 

  • Main Engine Control and Rudder Indication 

  • Main Engine Remote Control System

  • Fuel Pump Control  

  • Propulsion Control System



Cargo Control Room 
  • COT 95% and 98% Alarm System 

  • COT Level Monitoring 

  • COT Measuring Sensors System

  • Oil Discharge and Monitoring Equipment

  • 15 PPM OMD

  • Cargo Control Room Monitoring System

  • Gas Detection Systems  


  • Navigation Lights Control System 

  • Alarm Monitoring System 

  • Fire Detection and Alarm System 

  • Engine Room Remote Control System

  • UPS System 


Boiler Room   
  • Boiler Control System 

  • Burner Control System  

  • Fire Alarm System 

  • Boiler Feed Water Control and Level System 

Any other Systems


The vessel or rig today is a highly integrated ecosystem. We had been able to apply systematic engineering principles towards resolving technical issues on many other systems.  

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