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Yes!! to our Repair service if..


  • Your defective item is obsolete and support is no longer available.

  • There is no 1-for-1 replacement with identical interfaces

  • You are buying a new replacement, but wish to repair the defective item to keep as onboard or onshore spare. 

  • You prefer a (generally) more cost-saving option as compared to buying a new item. 

  • You can afford a reasonable downtime without this item. We generally need a couple of weeks to analyze, repair and test. 


Repair (electronics)


The modern ultra-paced business cycles and super-efficient assembly lines have fostered a buy-throw-replace culture in system life-cycle management. Especially electrical and electronic equipment. Repair? An unthinkable option for many. But for some, the re-assuring charm of a repair workshop remains.  


Find out below if our repair service suits you!  


No thanks, not Repair if.. 


  • The defective item is a PC, printer or any other computer peripheral which is easily replaceable.

  • A replacement is within reasonable access.

  • The cost of a new replacement is comparable with the repair cost.

  • Time. Time Time. You want it fast!

  • You do not think the cost justfies the shelf life of the repaired item. (we honor our warranty on all repaired items) 

Why Choose Power Absolut..


  • Repair service is a core business for us, not a sideshow. The results and outcome is very important to us. 

  • We have Repair Engineers dedicated to just this business. 

  • Outcomes typically are positive from us. The more information we have about the faults and system design, the lower the lead time, the higher the chance of repairability. 

  • Huge amount of experience with our high repair work volume. 

  • Comes with 6-month to 12 month warranty

  • We do not charge for evaluation. We quote, you decide. 

  • If we quote, it means we know we can deliver to you a working item. 

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