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Services We Provide 


a) Overhaul and Service 

  • This system enables the maneuvering at the main engine from the engine control room or from the bridge.  It can be purely pneumatic or a combination of electrical electronics and pneumatics.

  • Starting or stopping of the main engine is carried out from the control station (Control room or Bridge Control). Signal is transmitted from the control station to the solenoid panel to open the air starting valve to start the main engine.

  • At the same time the governor also moves the fuel rack so as to introduce fuel to the individual cylinder.  As the engine picks up speed, the air starting valve will cease to operate (Depending on the time set) and the governor will take over.

  • Its response will depend on the signal output from the control station.  Engine speed is also regulated from the control station.  When stopping, signal from control station will activate a stop cylinder which pushes the fuel rack to ‘O’ position thereby cutting the supply of fuel to the main engine and causing it to stop.

  • We service and calibrate the following Main Engine Bridge and Engine Control Room pneumatic control systems:

    • Overhaul Pneumatic control valves, pneumatic logic box etc.

    • Adjust the Bridge Control and M/E remote control systems as per Maker standard

    • Service and adjust all pneumatic safely shut down devices.

    • Simulation Test” for Bridge and Engine Control Room pneumatic control systems.

    • Final adjustment during the sea-trial.

  • Specialized for following Makers and we have full spare part in stock.

    • MAN B&W,

    • Sulzer,

    • All the China Product such as Enda,Rongde, Guangcai, Donjun 

    • Cummins

Any other Systems


The vessel or rig today is a highly integrated ecosystem. We had been able to apply systematic engineering principles towards resolving technical issues on many other systems.  

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