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Services We Provide 


  • Chemical cleaning and vacuum COT Level Master Control Panel.

  • Check and fasten all connections, wire terminals, bolts and nuts for the instruments. 

  • Check for signs of over-heating.

  • Servicing, checking and calibrating the following:

    • Temperature Digital Indicator / High / Low / Alarm / PCB

    • Ullage / Level Master PCB

    • High / Overflow Level Alarm PCB

    • Local Digital Level Gauge Indicator Monitor Unit Cards

    • Service & Calibrate according to Maker’s standard Software.


  • Adjust, calibrate and confirm all alarms are operating at Maker’s set values.

  • Service, calibrate and carry out functional test on all the Alarm Systems.

  • Upon completion of the job, carry out onboard Testing, Commissioning of the whole systems of the COT Level Master / High / Overflow Alarms.

  • We provide servicing and calibration for the following systems: 

    • RONGDE


    • MUSASINO ​

Any other Systems


The vessel or rig today is a highly integrated ecosystem. We had been able to apply systematic engineering principles towards resolving technical issues on many other systems.  

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