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Services We Provide 

Engine Room Alarm Monitoring System Servicing and Design 

a) Main Engine / Gen Engine / Steering Gear

  • Service & calibrate all the components in the monitoring & alarm systems

  • Adjust, calibrate and confirm all alarms to be operating at Maker’s set values.  Alarm settings to be recorded and submitted to the Chief Engineer and the Attending Superintendent

  • Service, calibrate and carry out functional tests on all the safety cut-out / tripping devices.

  • Retrofit and new design of Engine room alarm system and Engine control system                                                                                              

b) Oil Mist Detector

  • Carry out functional test upon completion.

  • Service, calibrate and adjust alarm setting as per Maker’s set values.

  • We are fully equipped with portable calibrators which can be utilized to do all kind of sensor calibration on site. 

c) Specialized for following Makers and we have full spare parts in stock.

  • Enda,Rongde, Guangcai, Donjun & Cummins• Deif, Comap, JRC , Terasaki , etc..

Any other Systems


The vessel or rig today is a highly integrated ecosystem. We had been able to apply systematic engineering principles towards resolving technical issues on many other systems.  

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