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Impressions of Aconis 2000 PMS system

Recently, we had the opportunity to re-acquaint ourselves with this Korean-made Aconis 2000 Power Management System onboard a chemical tanker (whose name we shall not disclose to avoid any complication).


1. Ease of Configuration - You do not need any configuration software to adjust any of its parameters. Everything that is available for configuration is available from the display unit.

2. Simple Design - There are not a whole suite of functions. But then again, this may perfectly suit some users who only need the normal functions of a PMS system: Auto synchronization, load sharing, generator protection, mains protection.

3. Straightforward User-Interface - There are no frills to the display unit. Simple display of the generator frequency, voltage, power, current, etc. Big alphanumeric display for good viewability in the engine control room. The scroll buttons are large, so they are great great for ECR engineers who may be in gloves regularly.

Now for the Cons...

We think there are fundamental design inadequacies to this system that are worth considering:

4. Not built for troubleshooting - Unlike systems such as the Deif Multiline or Comap InteliGen or Deepsea DSE series, the Aconis 2000 PMS seemed to be designed purely for users to use, and Hyundai engineers to troubleshoot. For example, the system DOES NOT display busbar measurement details. When the PMS controller is unable to synchronize or load-share, how does anyone know if the Aconis has problems with the busbar measurement? No one. Not possible since the system does not display any of this data. Troubleshooting using this system can be a real problem. Fret Not, you just have to spend money to engage an engineer to board your ship...

5. Or is that so... Engineer Support ? - No. Aconis (made by Hyundai) does not typically entertain enquiries. So if you think you have doubts about the Aconis system, your options are more or less ... well. Hyundai made it easy for you. You just have to activate the Hobson's choice. Try contacting them and hope for the best.

6. Inaccessible technical documentation - Forget it. Dont bother to search any website for technical information. There is hardly any available other than some marketing information which means nothing to anyone who wants technical details. Not woolly advertisement pictures. Communication seems to be deliberately constricted.


7. This system may suit users who do not foresee any issue with simple Power Management Controllers, or who believe HHI provide world class after sales support.

8. For every requirement that does not fall into any of the two categories in the point above, your needs may be well served by other competitors fighting tooth and nail outside the Hyundai shipyard...

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