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Services We Provide 


  • Automatic Combustion Control ACC

    • Service all the components in the boiler ACC system.

    • Check and tightened all connections as necessary.

    • Calibrate and adjust all alarms and cut-out settings as per Maker’s standard.

    • Functional test to confirm settings and alarms tripping devices.

    • Check and adjust the sequential timings for ACC system under Auto mode.

    • “Operation Test” on auto and Manual modes.

  • Boiler Pneumatic Control (Depends on Type of Boiler

    • Service, calibrate and test the following boiler pneumatic controls.

    • Fuel Oil pressure transmitter for ACC

    • Fuel Oil inlet pressure transmitter

    • Drum pressure transmitter for ACC

    • Drum pressure transmitter

    • Wind box differential pressure transmitter

    • Force draft fan damper control

    • Furnace pressure transmitter

    • Pressure control valve for Steam Reducing Controller

    • Pressure control valve for Steam Reducing Positioner

    • Pressure control valve for Steam Reducing Control Valve

    • Excess steam (Dumping valve) controller

    • Excess steam (Dumping valve) positioner

    • Excess steam (Dumping valve) control valve

    • Fuel Oil control valve positioner

    • Fuel Oil control valve

    • Auxiliary feed water positioner

    • Auxiliary feed water control valve

    • Main Feed water controller positioner

    • Main Feed water controller control valve

    • Fresh water controller

    • Fresh water computing relay

    • Remote water level Indicator

    • Indicating pressure controller for boiler burning pump

    • bypass valve       

    • Burner management 


  • We provide servicing and calibration for the following systems: 



    • SUNJIE



    • MIURA

    • SUNROD

Any other Systems


The vessel or rig today is a highly integrated ecosystem. We had been able to apply systematic engineering principles towards resolving technical issues on many other systems.  

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