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Upgrade / Modify 


Marine and Offshore platforms are dynamic structures - the need to change never stops. Class requirements, operational needs, business models, systems performance evolve constantly. 


Find out below why our clients engage us! 


Ad-hoc, Minor but Important Modifications   
Retrofit/Upgrade  - A Challenge   
  • You need to upgrade some systems to fulfill the DP2 or DP3 requirements. 

  • Some end-of-life systems are defective. 

  • Small scale of work does not appeal to some contractors. 



At Power Absolut, we keep our team focused on what we do best. The smaller the project, the more technical it potentially gets. We love that. 


  • Upgrades and retrofits mean putting a new system within an existing ecosystem. 

  • Technical challenging due to old-new interfaces. 

  • Administratively challenging due to the need to minimize downtime between removing old and installing new.  


At Power Absolut, we have the experience to pull these projects through. Upgrading generator control, improving AMS interfaces, integrating additional UPS, adding redundancy for pump control, etc. 


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