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Highly integrated automation is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, operation is seamless and efficient; on the other, troubleshooting becomes a complex task.


Find out below why our clients engage us! 


Solving Problems vs '"Not my problem"  
  • You engage technicians and engineers to help solve problems onboard.

  • It is common to hear this "This is not my system's problem. You have to look for so and so. "  

  • This may be true sometimes, but no progress is made ultimately.


At Power Absolut, we take up every service job with the objective to resolve issues or improve the current situation. Your problem is our problem.  


Engineering Solutions vs Wholesale Replacement  
Technical Competency  
  • Marine and Offshore systems are complex. 

  • Very often, so well-integrated that they operate like blackboxes




At Power Absolut, automation and control is our main focus. We take pride in having hardware, software and system knowledge to resolve issues in totality.  

Effective Communication 
  • Too often, you are offered 'wholesale' or complete upgrading and replacement as solutions.

  • Such proposals may work, but downtime and costs are not in your favor. 


At Power Absolut, we make every effort to trace / faultfind the root cause and defect. Cost-effective solutions to solve problems are our priority. 

  • You need to know what is going on.

  • You need to know what is wrong.

  • Your crew needs to know what went wrong.

  • We need to listen to you on your requirements. 


At Power Absolut, we make every effort to communicate as clearly as we can. We must provide the listening ear. 

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