The Unsung Hero - The Panasonic Toughbook CF 53

Note: This is NOT a paid article or advertisement of any sort. The purpose of this article is to share with anyone who may be interested to know behind-the-scene decisions in Power Absolut. And of course, to demonstrate that we walk the talk when it comes to sparing no expense when we talk about being professional in delivering the best to our customers. Tools are vital in just about everything that we do. From a trainmaster's watch to a chef's knives, from a doctor's stethoscope to an electrician's multimeter - tools are the sine qua non, indispensable and without which, the outcome changes. While they faithfully serve their purpose, they are often under-appreciated, unsung and more inconsp

Go where there is no path... Sojourn in Myanmar

We had the privilege of accepting an invitation by our partner from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to collaborate on a retrofit project for the Myanmar Navy. We are truly excited to be part of this big transformation involving the Myanmar Navy. The Myanmar Navy has an amazing trove of talents - not only combat sailors, but also marine engineers and naval architects who design, build and maintain their own vessels - lock, stock and barrel!! While their methods and facilities may not appear modern, everything works. They have in excess of 60 operational vessels. Given the limited resources (budget, cross pollination with foreign expertise), the Myanmar Navy is an astoundingly self-suffic

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