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Rudder Angle Indication

Rudder Angle is a piece of critical info onboard ships. Any Captain or Bridge Officer will attest to that statement.

As with most ship systems of the modern day, rudder angle indication is an integrated chain of electro-mechanical systems. With the requirement of accuracy, criticality and reliability tossed into the equation, being clinical in troubleshooting of rudder angle indication problems is more important than ever before.

We had carried out many troubleshooting jobs related to rudder angle indication issues. Root causes range from defective angle transmitter to connection issues to poorly aligned transmitter to defective transducers.

Rectification work can be a slippery slope to climb since accuracy is required.

As always,we endeavor to disembark a better ship than the one we embark. If it is of any assurance, we have a very impressive record of resolving rudder indication problems!!!!!

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