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AVR control problems

In case you are wondering... Yes, we are still very much alive, kicking and about. True that we should be more regularly adding articles or blog posts to the website to provide a sign of life on the website... Absolutely, beyond doubt.

But please rest assured, while we have been quiet (Ok, too quiet) in cyberspace, we've been anything but in our personal and professional space.

Personal space... that's non of your business. :) Not that you really care anyway.

Professionally, we've been really well occupied giving old ships a shot at their heyday again (through systems upgrading), pulling off Lazarus-like comebacks by raising systems/machines from the dead. We are after all, elements between Alpha and Omega, so it's natural that there had been cases of triumph, and some of half triumph. But it's safe to say we had causes for celebration more often than not.

Enough of mumbo-jumbo. Onboard ships, we do not detract. We go straight to the point and take no prisoners.

Of late, we had been dealing with quite several cases of voltage control problems onboard ships. Typical symptoms are:

a) Wrong start-up voltage

b) Unstable voltage

c) voltage that was stuck and cannot be adjusted

d) Woeful reactive load sharing between/among DGs

e) AVRs getting burnt soon after running the generators

There were, as you will expect, a smorgasbord of possibilities causing the above-mentioned symptoms. Problems in the generator, in the MSB or in the human brain, could all contribute to the problems. We had experienced quite a fair share of the different causes. But cognition, being a function of time and experience, permits us to be less and less surprised by what we see and what we find.

In other words, we are improving in effectiveness and efficiency in tackling AVR/Voltage control problems.

Should you be experiencing such problems, send us to the frontline to square off with the enemy!

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