Tribute to our late Mr LEE Kuan Yew

It is a sad day for Singapore. Our Founding Prime Minister, the late Mr LEE Kuan Yew, passed away this morning. He was the master builder of the maritime and service industry in Singapore, transforming our country from an ailing entrport into a regional and even global leader in the marine business. He turned contraints into opportunities, overcame rough seas, and made the seeming impossible turn to reality. Your name lives forever in our heart, your spirit inspires us, your wisdom shall echo in eternity. Power Absolut, proudly Singaporean.

Dramatic Outcome to Bow Thruster Service Job

As promised, we are going to talk more about the Bow Thruster Service job onboard this vessel. (This vessel was last seen in Shanghai.) It was 2013. We were activated to fly to Adelaide, Australia to board this ship due to a problem with their Bow thruster. Essentially, the thruster could not be started. The moment the motor was turned on, 'Motor Overload' trip will be triggered. No further operation was allowed. Naturally, the crew checked out the insulation properties, the motor, and its cabling thoroughly. No anomaly was found. Improvements were made to the motor and its connections nonetheless. Still, the problem persisted. So the Deif Overload relay was suspected to be giving problems.

Preview on Bow Thruster Service Job

As a preview on what is coming up in this section, I have decided to add two pictures. Can you guess which part of a vessel this is? What can be so interested in a dull-looking and isolated place like this? Control problem? Come on... that happens all the time. But what is interesting about this particular job? Check back in a week's time to see what was going on!!!

News and Reviews

We have decided to start a blog that features some articles on interesting service jobs, products that we encounter. It is probably beneficial to our clients and partners out there to get some un-influenced and un-sponsored reviews on marine automation and control products. We also wish to share some of our interesting journeys in our service experience with everyone out there. Hopefully we can all share some pearls of wisdom and benefit from the cross-pollination of ideas. Let's make the marine and offshore industry a place where knowledge and experiences flow freely in the eco-system!

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