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Go where there is no path... Sojourn in Myanmar

We had the privilege of accepting an invitation by our partner from the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to collaborate on a retrofit project for the Myanmar Navy.

We are truly excited to be part of this big transformation involving the Myanmar Navy. The Myanmar Navy has an amazing trove of talents - not only combat sailors, but also marine engineers and naval architects who design, build and maintain their own vessels - lock, stock and barrel!!

While their methods and facilities may not appear modern, everything works. They have in excess of 60 operational vessels. Given the limited resources (budget, cross pollination with foreign expertise), the Myanmar Navy is an astoundingly self-sufficient eco-system.

Our task was to upgrade the generators control system for the Navy. Using state-of-the-art generator controllers to automate the operation of generators with a high level of precision and reliability, the Navy can channel their manpower to more critical operational tasks. We are so excited at the prospects of being part of the upgrade plans for the Navy!!

Last but not least, I was treated to a high level of hospitality by our Myanmar host, our Singapore-based partner who was born in Myanmar, and my colleague who was also from Myanmar. A truly lovely place, and as I cannot repeat enough, a very safe place. Yangon is a bustling city with many young go getters. They are warm and courteous. Cant stop enjoying the roast ducks in Yangon. A week on, the aroma lingers on...

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