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The Unsung Hero - The Panasonic Toughbook CF 53

Note: This is NOT a paid article or advertisement of any sort. The purpose of this article is to share with anyone who may be interested to know behind-the-scene decisions in Power Absolut.

And of course, to demonstrate that we walk the talk when it comes to sparing no expense when we talk about being professional in delivering the best to our customers.

Tools are vital in just about everything that we do. From a trainmaster's watch to a chef's knives, from a doctor's stethoscope to an electrician's multimeter - tools are the sine qua non, indispensable and without which, the outcome changes.

While they faithfully serve their purpose, they are often under-appreciated, unsung and more inconspicuous than a christmas tree during the christmas season.

Power Absolut carries out plenty of onsite work. Some sites on far sides of the world, some harshly inconvenient, and very often subject to the mercy of the weather elements.

But none of the above should deter us, and our tools from performing at their best to deliver.

These are some of the typical environments we work in:

Yes, rough, unconducive and definitely not gentle.

Which is why we decided to equip all our engineers with a Panasonic Toughbook. As mentioned, this is no paid advertisement, there is no need to list the specifications which are easily available online. But some features which really make a difference to users like us:

1. Battery Life - Duration of our work is unpredictable. We need a laptop that has reliably long battery life. We cannot be searching high and low for a 100~240V power source for our laptop. We may not even find it! It's been 3 years since we started using the toughbook. The battery can still last at least 6-7 hours, sometimes stretching to 10 hours - of usage. (not standby)

2. Vibration Resistant - The engines spin at 1800 RPM. These toughbooks will be sitting on the extreme vibration with the hard disk hardly affected.

3. Sunlight legible - The visibility and brightness of the display is almost unmatched. Under the scorching sun, our laptops do not give us an excuse to stop working because we can still see everything on the screen!

4. Tough Build - The magnesium alloy is indeed an armour that the manufacturer claims. As we weave in and out through manholes, climb up and down pirates' ladders, these laptops can swung around and knocked around. Other than some cosmetic evidence of the impact, the machines continue to operate like clockwork.

5. Ingress protection and Impact protection - They've been rigorously tested. I hope we wont need to verify that using our laptops!

The toughbook , solid like a rock.

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