Control Panels for Caterpillar Engines

It has been quite a while since we kept in touch. Been a rock solid unrelenting 2 months. For good reasons of course. All our hands were on deck all over the world.

We recently fabricated and delivered control panels for a customer who uses Caterpillar Engines. Though this is not the first time we supply control panels for Caterpillar Engines, the take-away is that there's always something new to learn from every experience. Regardless of how many runs the mill has made.

We made the panel using a controller that we've never integrated before. The Comap DCU Marine. We will provide a review on this product in the next post. But the new controller, coupled with some fresh requirements from the engine, made this a very enriching experience for us.

We love the fact that we learn something all the time. We love what we do.



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